Dancing Well demonstration at a veterans health expo in Louisville, Kentucky

Dancing Well Offers Veterans with PTSD and TBI a Way to Ease into Civilian Life

By Rhonda J. Miller A dance program is offering Kentucky veterans with mental health issues a way to ease back into civilian life. The state’s Department of Veterans Affairs estimates thousands of Kentucky veterans...

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The Man Who Introduced Music Festivals to the World

George Wein changed the way Americans experience their music. The pioneering jazz musician and music producer launched the first Newport Jazz Festival in 1954. It was the first big outdoor music event of...

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CommonFence EM&MF

School Shootings to Kazoos, Common Fence Venue Encircles Tragedy and Joy

While America continues to grieve over the massacre of 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, the community at Common Fence Music finds emotional support in times of tragedy, rejuvenation in times...

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Newport Folk Festival Still Going Strong as a Venue for Diverse Voices

Speaking out against the madness has been part of the Newport Folk Festival since it began in 1959. This legendary music festival is still going strong with its expansive offering of traditional and contemporary...

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