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Ladino Songs Shed Light on Endangered Language of Jews

As the candles of Hanukah connect Jews around the world, holiday songs in Ladino shine a light on a language UNESCO rates as “severely endangered.”  Ladino is a language that’s been traveling with...

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Gloria Ascher Ladino class Tufts Univ.

Like Hanukah Oil, Endangered Ladino Endures Among Jews

As Jews around the world celebrate Hanukah, some in Boston are singing in Ladino, a language UNESCO rates as “severely endangered” in its 2009 Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger. Ladino has...

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CommonFence EM&MF

School Shootings to Kazoos, Common Fence Venue Encircles Tragedy and Joy

While America continues to grieve over the massacre of 26 children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, the community at Common Fence Music finds emotional support in times of tragedy, rejuvenation in times...

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One Man Dancing Creates Cajun and Zydeco Festivals

The footprints of Franklin Zawacki are on the ground in California and New England, where he started out as one man dancing, but got thousands of people to dance with him.San Francisco poet...

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Michelle & Alan Bradbury (Photo credit: Rhonda J. Miller)

Cajun Music Heats Up New England Winters

Cajun music and dance is thriving in New England. The Cajun music community is welcoming group joined by dances around the New England states. A healthy contingent of Cajun-loving New Englanders are in...

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Route 40 Franklin County, Virginia

Virginia’s Crooked Road of Folk Music is Economic Engine

The tiny mountain town of Floyd, Virginia has one traffic light. Only 500 people live here year-round. But there’s a festival atmosphere on Friday evenings, especially in summer. The Floyd Country Store is...

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Mississippi Student Sings of Oil Spill Devastation

A Gulfport, Mississippi student did the only thing she could when oil ravaged the Gulf – she wrote a song.  Aubrey Hays was 17 when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded. She saw...

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Newport Folk Festival Still Going Strong as a Venue for Diverse Voices

Speaking out against the madness has been part of the Newport Folk Festival since it began in 1959. This legendary music festival is still going strong with its expansive offering of traditional and contemporary...

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Phil Ochs I Ain't Marching Anymore

Folk River is the Intersection of Politics, Music and Culture

Folk River is an excursion to the crossroads of folk music, politics and culture. It offers expression to a wide variety of voices amid the rapidly changing landscape of journalism. Those changes have brought...

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